Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The San Francisco Chronicle : Bush's Michael Moore Moment At Unity

by Emil Guillermo

Washington, DC -- President Bush is for "acting affirmatively," though he's not exactly for affirmative action.

For me, this revelation was the highlight of last week's Unity, the convention of more than 6,000 minority journalists that takes place every three to five years.

Normally a marketplace for underrepresented minorities trying to break down barriers in mostly white media organizations, this third convention was an eye opener because of the president's statements during his appearance there.

If ever there was an occasion on which Bush could have demonstrated his leadership ability, a gathering of minority journalists was it.

Most of them weren't there to "cover the speech." They wanted to hear what their president had to say, person to person, and see how he envisioned solutions to the problems of working in a field rife with discrimination.

Journalists, after all, are people, too.

Bush's opening stump speech was filled with boilerplate stuff we've heard before, including his race rhetoric about how his administration challenges "the soft bigotry of low expectations."

A great poetic phrase, but what does it mean?

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