Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Philippines : ‘Fahrenheit 9-11’ to be released in RP next month

By Dennis Ladaw

FAHRENHEIT 9-11, the controversial film by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, has been picked up by a Philippine distri-butor, which will release the film in Metro Manila next month. A spokesperson of Solar Entertainment, which acquired the rights to release the movie locally, told The Manila Times that they hope to premiere the film on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Michael Moore and Sgt. Abdul
Henderson are shown in a scene
from the film Fahrenheit 9-11
(Lions Gate)

Fahrenheit 9-11 reportedly paints an ugly picture of the George W. Bush administration, particularly in its handling of the 9-11 crisis. The film has grossed over $100 million in North America, making it the top grossing documentary of all time, beating the releases of perennial box-office favorites like Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.

Critics maintained that Michael Moore’s film is biased, though the filmmaker has admitted to be anti-Bush and antiwar. In 2003, he won an Academy Award for his anti-gun documentary Bowling for Columbine. In his acceptance speech, Moore went into a tirade against Bush, calling him a fake president. As a result of his speech, Entertainment Weekly magazine noted that Moore was probably the first Oscar winner to receive a standing ovation and then get booed off the stage seconds later.

Miramax Films had financed the production of Fahrenheit 9-11 though the CEO of its its parent company Walt Disney, refused to release it. Consequently, Harvey Weinstein, the flamboyant head of Miramax, was forced to use his own money to put the films in theaters. Miramax is the company behind such Oscar winning movies like The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, The Hours and Chicago. Its distributor in the Philippines is Sky Films.

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