Saturday, August 07, 2004

People are talking about Fahrenheit 9/11

featured in :

Bill Clinton: "I think every American ought to see it." (Rolling Stone, 7/13)

Joan Baez:
"In the end, if we manage to get out of this without either World War III happening or whatever other scenarios this administration has for us, it'll be because people kept doing things like making statements, signing petitions. It'll be because the Michael Moore's out there didn't quit." (San Diego Union-Tribune, 6/17)

Drew Barrymore:
"I never come to premieres, but I'm so here on this one. I'm looking forward to this more than anything in the world." (USA Today 6/10)

Tony Bennett:
"For a documentary to win over every other film in the Cannes Film Festival is unheard of, so he's quite a genius." (KXAN-TV, 6/15)

Mary J. Blige:
"I have to vote this year. After seeing that movie, I can't do anything else." (NY Times, 7/6)

Big Boi of "Outkast":
"... urged people 'to take time to catch Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.'" (, 7/15)

Princess Caroline of Monaco to Michael Moore:
"My mother would have been so proud of your movie." (Detroit Free Press, 5/21)

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