Monday, August 09, 2004

Moore the merrier : Fahrenheit 9/11 has become Australia's highest-grossing documentary

August 10, 2004 JUST two weeks after its release, Michael Moore's incendiary film about George W. Bush, weapons of mass destruction and the war in Iraq, Fahrenheit 9/11, has become Australia's highest-grossing documentary, earning $5.4million.

Critical acclaim and political approbation have proved a potent box-office mix for the controversial documentary. Troy Lum, managing director of the film's local distributor, Hopscotch, estimated more than a million voters would see it before the upcoming federal election.

Mr Lum said he planned to make the supply of prints of Fahrenheit 9/11 to marginal electorates a priority -- a move he claimed was not about party politics, but about giving everyone the opportunity to see the film and make up their own minds. "Those seats have intense pressure applied to them, and we want them to be part of the debate about truth in government and the reasons we went to war."


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