Monday, August 09, 2004

"Michael Moore Hates America" funded by dirty money ?

Brian R. Cartmell is an internet entrepreneur. In late May 2004, Cartmell rescued the production of"Michael Moore Hates America", which was struggling through lack of cash.

On Upsize This !, "dontshootme" provides the link to the study you can read by clicking on the title and this other one :

He then concludes :

"well, who would have guessed. I had no idea that MMHA was funded by revenue generated by pornography. I find this just a little ironic. A right wing film that shows how great america is (they say that, not me) is funded by something quite the opposite of a church fund. imagine if moores film was funded by pornography? imagine the stink that would be!

what do you guys think?"

Link to the discussion :


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