Saturday, August 14, 2004

Blur Magazine : F911 - He Said, She Said: An Interview by Howard Megdal

Howard Megdal: How does the opening sequence about the 2000 election frame the film for you, and does it coincide with your recollections of that time?

Shannon Stairhime: That was actually one of my favorite parts of the movie. It was just so whimsical...and most of the arguments made at this point were not all blatantly circumstantial or made via musical montage. I mean, we all remember that—the confusion, the wonderment. It was the beginning of what I would like to think of as our four-year stint as the comic relief of the world. I mean...they were all laughing at us. Oh, look. Big bad democratic Americans can't even elect a president without making a mess. It was like we were in some kind of spelling bee...and we got a three-syllable word, and instead of even trying to spell it, we just stood up there and pissed our pants. That's how it felt to me anyway. As far as F-9/11 is concerned, it was probably the least aggressive and most factual segment...and in that way was successful.

K. Walker: The opening sequence of the film, to me, helps to ease you into the real subject matter that it goes on to address. Everything addressed is extremely relevant, and if Moore had simply thrown the audience into the 9/11 attacks and everything that went wrong, it might have made it difficult for the audience to swallow. Furthermore, it fires up the audience before the real attack that Moore puts on President Bush and the current administration, which, is exactly what I believe he was aiming to do.

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